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Staff Contact

Dave Hardy - CEO Founder.

Dave has been enjoying flight sims since the early days for FS2002 through to FSX, Dave has extensive VA experience whilst staff on VA's such as First Choice and Thomson.

Dave has been a VATSIM pilot since early 2007 and controller since 2008 within the Northern RTS (EGNJ, EGGP) and is currently S2 rated TWR controller within the SCONI  RTS (EGPF, EGPF, EGPD, EGAA & EGAC).

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Iain Chilvers - SEO.

Iain has been flying flight sims since FS95 (those were the days) and is also a real world PPL holder. Iain also has been gliding since he was 14 and aviation runs in his blood. 

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All emails below redirect to when vacant or on leave.

Vacant - HR Manager.

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Alex Penfold - OP's Manager.         

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Vacant - Events's Manager.